Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Implants

Mini Implants
Patients with missing teeth often visit us here at Cadena Dentistry looking for a permanent solution. Dental implants are the only permanent option for replacing missing teeth, where a metal (titanium) post is implanted into the jawbone, which then grows and heals around the post.
Our dental practice also offers mini implants, which are a smaller and less expensive version of traditional implants. They are just as effective, but the treatment goes much more quickly.
The procedure for mini implants in our Del Rio, TX dental office is as follows:
1. The patient first visits us for x-rays and to get an impression made of a nearby natural tooth. This is done to have an abutment made for the top of the implant.
2. On the patient’s return appointment, our dentist, Dr. Louis Cadena, installs the metal post through their gums and into the jawbone.
3. The abutment is bonded to the top of the post during the same appointment.
4. Patients can start eating normal food the same day if they wish.
With mini implants, the process goes more quickly and patients appreciate that they can resume normal eating right away. If you want to replace a tooth with a mini implant, call dentist Dr. Louis Cadena at 830-775-3322.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whitening and Bleaching

Whitening and Bleaching
If you are not happy with the staining or discoloration of your teeth, our dentist Dr. Louis Cadena has a variety of options for you. Instead of just providing our patients with one type of whitening and bleaching, we have several options available to our patients. This includes using the tray whitening system, a deep bleaching tray whitening product (KoR whitening), and ZOOM! chairside whitening.
The first whitening product offered in our Del Rio, TX dental practice is the tray whitening system. With this product, we use impressions of the patient’s teeth to create custom, reusable whitening trays. They are filled with whitening gel and placed over the teeth in the office, followed by home treatment over several days.
Another tray whitening product we have is a newer product called KoR whitening. KoR whitening also uses custom trays, except the result is permanent with most of our patients. Patients wear the trays and use the whitening gel only at night while they sleep for about two weeks. This permanently bleaches their teeth.
Finally, we provide in-office whitening through ZOOM!, which combines a strong whitening gel and a low intensity lamp. This whitening is all done chairside and is complete in about an hour.
Call Cadena Dentistry at 830-775-3322 to book your appointment for any of these whitening and bleaching options.