Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Veneers vs. Crown

Veneers and crowns are both reliable restorative solutions that protect the structure of a tooth while refinishing its surface to create a strong, reliable and beautiful smile esthetic. However, veneers and crowns have many differences with regard to their purpose, placement and function.
Veneers: Veneers are most frequently used as a cosmetic smile solution. They can be used use refinish the surface of a tooth and correct teeth that are too narrow or short, and cover-up stains, small chips and cracks. While a single veneer can be used to refinish an individual tooth, multiple veneers are most often used to refinish the most visible teeth and provide a smile makeover that’s fully customized and idealized. Like crowns, veneers are comprised of a thin porcelain shells that are fabricated from an impression of the existing tooth site. Veneers are usually much thinner than crowns, but the existing tooth structure will need to be slightly modified for permanent bonding and placement.
Crowns: Crowns may be used for cosmetic purposes, but they’re most frequently used to restore the surface of a tooth due to a fracture, severe chip, deep cavity, or following a root canal or other procedure that calls for the modification of the tooth.  Like veneers, crowns are custom fabricated to perfectly restore the appearance of a tooth, in addition to protecting its structure.  Crowns are frequently created from porcelain or ceramic, but they may also be formed from gold, porcelain fused to metal or other material.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NV Laser

Lasers have revolutionized the dental industry, allowing dentists to heal cold sores, treat periodontal disease, reduce trauma during dental procedures, minimize anesthesia use and even accelerate bone regeneration. At Cadena Dentistry, we use the NV Laser for a multitude of procedures, from pocket reduction in the gums to frenectomies, the removal of gum overgrowth and impressions for crowns.

Our office in Del Rio, TX offers a variety of procedures that use the NV laser. One such procedure is cosmetic periodontal surgery, which sculpts the gum line so that it is even and best expose your smile. With the NV Laser, Dr. Louis Cadena and Dr. Valerie Cadena Vargas can reshape your gum tissue to best with no anesthesia and minimum sensitivity.

The dentists can also use the laser to manage soft tissue in patients with deep pockets found in periodontal screenings. The laser will kill bacteria and get rid of infected tissue easily and quickly to ensure that periodontal disease is treated and prevented.

Our team at Cadena Dentistry is dedicated to ensuring you maintain optimal oral health while receiving the highest level of comfort during dental procedures, and the NV laser allows us to do this. To schedule an appointment, call 830-775-3322. For more information, visit

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Single Tooth Anesthesia

At Cadena Dentistry, we realize that some of our patients can become stressed or anxious at the sight of a needle or syringe and that many more hate the numbness of anesthesia. Sometimes this anxiety can be severe enough to prevent patients from seeking out necessary dental procedures. Because we value our patients’ oral health and dental experience above all else, we have chosen to use the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) system. With one injection, this system can safely and painlessly administer anesthesia for a single tooth.

The STA system allows for an even-flow of anesthetic in a very comfortable manner. Eliminating the sting of a syringe that come from a surge of fluid into a confined tissue area, the wand adjusts the flow of the anesthetic to be as comfortable as possible. With this method, our dentists are also able to minimize the unnecessary numbness of the tongue, cheek and face and only anesthetize a single tooth, which means that a patient can often eat immediately after a procedure and is less likely to cause lip and mouth trauma from bites he or she doesn’t feel.

STA can be used for many dental procedures, from fillings to root canal therapy. To receive dental care from a dentist who cares about your comfort and experience, schedule an appointment with Dr. Louis Cadena or Dr. Valerie Cadena Vargas at our office in Del Rio, TX. Just call 830-775-3322. For more information, visit

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

While the thought of having a root canal procedure usually fills patients with dread, the procedure is a necessary one for those whose teeth become infected in the nerves. Besides causing pain, infections, if left untreated, can become abscesses, which are much more serious and result in a loss of bone mass in the jawbone. Dr. Louis Cadena and Dr. Valerie Cadena Vargas can relieve your pain with root canal procedures in Del Rio, TX.

Although root canals may not sound pleasant to you, they are well worth it to stop your pain and improve your oral health. While there is soreness after the procedure, it is only temporary and usually nothing that over-the-counter painkillers cannot take care of.

During a root canal, Dr. Cadena or Dr. Vargas will remove the infection by applying a local anesthetic to the area and drilling into the tooth to create an opening in the canal. Then he or she is able to remove the infected tissue and clean the area. Once the infection has been removed, your tooth will be filled with a sealant and then fitted with a crown to protect it from infection in the future. The crown also helps improve the appearance and strength of the tooth. Once the procedure is complete and soreness subsides, you will be able to eat without experiencing pain and sensitivity to heat, cold and pressure.

If you’re in pain, you don’t need to suffer. Schedule an appointment with Cadena Dentistry by calling 830-775-3322. For more information,